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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Questioning answers

    One of my issues with allowing myself to continue to accept Biblical apologists is the difficulty of accepting EVERYTHING they say is true.  If one story of the Bible didn't happen [like a universal flood or a literal instantaneous creation of humans] then everything else seems to collapse.

   One story that simply doesn't hold up to common sense is the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible.  In Mormon theology, the first group of travelers came to the American continents due to this event's actual happening in Babylon.
 My initial skepticism probably is the result of many very tall buildings that have been built in the 20th century that are much higher than this Biblical tower -- and no God has objected to their construction to my knowledge.  Indeed, it could be claimed that God helped it to happen by allowing the knowledge base to widen and make tall buildings possible.  

     But the 'kicker' to the highly unlikely happening of the Biblical account being real history is that what little I know of the development of languages among the various cultures of the earth simply do not support a single common language prior to any given building of such a structure.

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