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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fearing death ---- or not

The common thought is that as we approach the inevitable, we have a tendency to fear death -- or at least the unknown -- as we approach that inevitable event.  I can't explain why this does not fit my thoughts and feelings, but since I have finally admitted to myself that I don't believe in the kind of religious beliefs about death, I feel calm.  I am more happy with life.  I am more in awe of nature.  I am kinder to friends and relatives.  I have a love of life that didn't exist when I tried to believe in life after death.  Is this crazy -- or is it loving life.
I saw a newly-born lamb last week.  It was amazing.
I also went to the funeral of my closest brother.  He is a loving man.  A good man.  Both the new life and the old are more amazing to me.

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