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Sunday, March 20, 2011

superstitions for a 'mormon' boy

    While in my youth, my father taught me to be particularly critical of Catholics.  He would point out how they were superstitious and used idols and amulets to protect them from evil -- generally pointing out the St Christopher statues on their car dashboards and prayer beads that they rolled in their fingers when faced with possible danger of any kind.  His intent was not to poke fun of them, but to teach me that people who did such things were using "graven images" in opposition to the Bible commandments.

     But my parents had their own kind of superstitions that they passed on to me that they may have been unaware they were teaching.  Mormons have their own kinds of rituals and superstitions -- generally associated with the dangers of playing games and being frivolous on Sundays - or not wearing temple 'garments' all the time - or drinking even a small glass of Coca Cola or tea. 

  My skeptical mind now knows that there might be some personal feelings of being 'correct' when we follow various rituals of life, but there is no danger or evil that is automatic from any God that will punish us for not following life rituals to the letter.


  1. Would love to read more on this subject... the temple garments i'm sure are just one piece of the overall LdS puzzle of superstitious items...

  2. Thank you, Karen, for this and other comments. I flew into Juneau once during a storm and the jet was being tossed about like a puppet. The woman next to me was furiously mumbling her prayer while fingering some beads. I tried to soothe her as best I could -- but even then, I could not see my own church's superstitions, as I felt calm in wearing temple garments that protected me.

    I'll write more about the garments and superstitions that go with them in the coming weeks and months.

    I hope you will make more comments in the future. I'm just getting started at this and need all the readers I can get to help me feel that my thoughts make some kind of difference.

  3. Stumbled across your blog. What a fantastic story and spiritual journey you've had! You drank from the Mormon Kool Aid bowl but didn't swallow! I am in Idaho also and so I understand how strong the cultural pull to believe and belong and never question. Keep up your writings and encouraging people to think outside their little spiritual box, whatever religion it may be. My wife, similar to you was born into an LDS family and now is a freethinker and enjoying life with an open mind. Of course for her there were some social struggles and family issues to deal with when you reject the faith in these parts as I'm sure you've found but the truth will set us free! I'm bookmarking your blog and will check back in. Thanks for sharing Thayne!

  4. Thanks to my guests who have made comments. This week I'm trying to find out more about getting more exposure to my blog. I hope to have a longer post by the end of this week.